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We bring a high-performance team of data scientists and machine learning engineers to your project

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Our mission is to bring the benefits of state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence to every organization

We are a team of devoted, curious and focused data scientists and machine learning engineers

Over the years, we have held core positions in machine learning teams in various industries, in large organizations as well as in start-ups. Our experience span from leading machine learning-centered initiatives to the development and full stack implementation of machine learning systems including architecture, infrastructure, monitoring and follow-ups. Above all, we are engineers devoted to bringing intelligence to systems across industries.

What we do

Modulai’s clients range from startups to multinational companies. What they all have in common is that machine learning is or could be central for how they operate, compete and create value.

Our services range from advisory projects and feasibility studies to end-to-end development and refinement of machine learning systems and products.

We use state-of-the-art techniques, always focusing on maximizing business impact, delivering solutions in areas such as credit risk, fraud detection, dynamic pricing, recommendation systems, computer vision, natural language processing, opportunity spotting, logistics optimization, up-sell, cross-sales, smart building optimization, predictive maintenance and route planning.

Computer vision

Object detection, image classification and segmentation

Credit and fraud models

Credit and fraud model development for the financial sector

Natural language processing

Sentiment analysis, text classification and clustering

Recommendation systems

Product and service recommendations for e-commerce and other industries

Predictive maintenance and IOT

Time to event modeling and predictive maintenance for various industrial applications

Time series forcasting

Estimation of future performance of time series data

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