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The machine learning agency

Implementing value-creating AI where possible, for an elevated experience at work, in life, and for organizations

Our way of working

Somewhere beyond code and machine, there is a team

Artificial intelligence on its own is an echo from the future that holds promises of improvement within nearly every industry and for the general public. As machine learning engineers at Modulai, this means we view our company not only as of the joy of our intellectual stimulation but as the mark we want to leave on this world.

Our achievements so far show that by implementing AI in a variety of sectors we can live up to the promise of betterment for people, companies, and employees. This then becomes our purpose, to educate around machine learning and to implement it where we can generate actual value, financially and for the well-being of people. We’re thought leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs, but most importantly, we’re developers, deploying state-of-the-art AI in production.

We’re pedagogic nerds, meaning we never let our competence get the better of collaboration. On the contrary, our definition of success is when both parties have learned from the project. 

Our ambition
By listening closely to our client’s needs we strive to implement solutions that solve their issues and have a long-term positive impact on their customers and their economy. We want to be the partner of choice in producing advanced bespoke AI systems, design- and implementation-wise.

We will meet you where you are

Project-based consulting
We take full or partial responsibility for the planning, development, and deployment of AI systems. Start-ups and scale-ups hire us to build their first machine learning-based components in their products, while larger companies hire us to build machine learning capabilities and AI departments.

Investments, partnerships, and joint ventures
Alongside traditional consultancy models, we seek partnerships with startups and scaleups where machine learning is a key ingredient for their success. We’re always on the lookout for AI-based solutions that we believe in, can invest in, and help improve and develop. We’re open to creating joint ventures where we take full responsibility for AI development as well as building and scaling the in-house team. Knowledge sharing is a massive part of our mission as a company; therefore, we gladly support startups with advisory services and help them achieve exponential growth. Today, we’re building a portfolio of investments in product-oriented, scalable AI-native companies, that share the Modulai vision.

Product development
Since we’re nothing short of extremely curious and interested in what we do, we take the time to develop our own internal products. We implement the latest AI technologies that we see have the potential for long-lasting value. This helps us address common challenges for customers and build reusable solutions.

Computer vision

Use images and video streams for improved decision-making or autonomous intelligence

Natural language processing

Leverage the value in natural language data produced by and for humans

Tabular ML and timeseries

Leverage machine learning on data almost all companies produce

Personalization and AI for retail

AI models for increased sales, relevant content and cost saving in retail

AI for Medtech

Solutions for treating disease, improving health, and supporting professionals

AI for Fintech

Better financial decisions by assessing risks and accurate forecasting

Our team

Magnus Isenberg

CEO & Director of dream realization

Josef Lindman Hörnlund

Co-founder, Machine learning specialist

Puya Sharif

Co-founder, Machine learning specialist

Erik Dahlberg

Co-founder, Machine learning specialist

Emil Larsson

Machine learning specialist, lead

Gustav Eklund

Machine learning specialist, lead

Viktor Westerlund

Head of people & AI business developer

Peter Grimvall

Head of Expansion (Switzerland)

Robin Grenholm

Senior machine learning engineer

Olof Harrysson

Machine learning engineer

Abgeiba Isunza Navarro

Machine learning engineer

Pratima Rao Akinepally

Machine learning engineer

Svante Sörberg

Machine learning engineer

Bharat Sharma

Machine learning engineer

Alden Coots

Senior machine learning engineer

Dmitrijs Kass

Machine learning engineer

Harald Attling

Machine learning engineer

Juliano Laganá Pinto

Machine Learning Engineer

Yue Liu

Machine learning engineer

Christos Frantzolas

Machine learning engineer

Johan Broberg

Machine learning engineer

Carlos Lago Solas

Machine learning engineer

Davit Janezashvili

Senior machine learning engineer

Rodrigo Simas

Machine learning engineer

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