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We’re people who like to build AI systems together

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We’re not anthropologists, but we’ll try and explain our culture

We’re machine learning engineers, AI researchers, software developers, and data scientists. But first and foremost, we’re innovators.

We just like to try, everything. When we say that no ideas are too crazy for us, we mean it. But we have our feet on the ground (or hands on the keyboard, if you will). We explore new avenues, assess the achievability of a goal, research, and try it out. We work iteratively, piece by piece, to produce a concept, from idea to final product.

This mindset, of exploration and curiosity, is the foundation of how we work. We all stem from STEM, which means we have something in common: the urge to not take anything for what it seems to be. We encourage expanding our perspectives through machine learning breakfasts, journal clubs, book circles, hackathons, and spontaneous whiteboard sessions. Making “learning” the primary activity inside and outside of projects results in an equal team where your eagerness to learn, collaborate and develop speaks higher than any KPI.

The right place to develop your ML & AI skills
With challenging projects, daily stand-ups, whiteboard sessions, and ongoing discussions surrounding AI, we aim to support you with everything to expand your knowledge. We like to say that the more you know individually, the more we know collectively— a saying that rests on one strong foundation of our micro-culture;  to share learnings.

Innovation thrives in teamwork
We always make sure to be at least two on every project because we’re firm believers in collaboration. By constantly working in teams, we help each other develop new areas, learn from each other, and share perspectives. We’re building an open and inclusive workplace where we rather say, let’s try it than no. Innovation flourishes in diversity; diversity of background, thought, and culture.

We say that Modulai is the place where we’ll excel within AI most rapidly, as engineers and as leaders within the field.

– Puya Sharif, Co-founder

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