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Empowering Journalism with AI: Unlocking Podcast Insights

Empowering Journalism with AI: Unlocking Podcast Insights

Modulai collaborated with Svenska Dagbladet to harness AI technology for transcribing and analyzing Swedish podcasts. The partnership enabled journalists to efficiently explore audio content through a user-friendly interface, providing deep insights into topics, entities, emotions, and language intricacies.


The burgeoning podcast industry has made it increasingly challenging to analyze audio content manually. To address this, Svenska Dagbladet partnered with Modulai, leveraging AI tools like OpenAI’s Whisper for speech recognition and pre-trained NLP models for various linguistic analyses. The aim was to provide an efficient way for journalists to gain valuable insights from podcast content.


The collaboration employed a comprehensive approach that combined advanced speech recognition and NLP models to analyze and search through podcasts. A custom interface was developed, allowing journalists to effortlessly dive into the transformed data. This multi-faceted solution significantly streamlined the process of extracting meaningful information from podcasts.


Cutting-edge technologies like OpenAI’s Whisper and pre-trained NLP models were key components of the project. Computational stylistics were also applied to evaluate language complexity. An intuitive search interface was designed to facilitate self-service analysis, making it easier for journalists to delve into the content effectively.

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