Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for a machine learning (ML) engineer to join our team!

About us

Modulai works with fish, trains, clothes, money, pets, office spaces, sound sensors and much more. If there is data, we do ML on it.

Our team consists of devoted ML engineers with strong track records from some of Sweden’s most successful startups. We work on project basis and take end-to-end responsibility. We love ML and we think that the best way for us to expand our knowledge is to be exposed to a diversified set of challenging and fun projects.

Job description

As a member of the ML-team you will be working with a broad range of problems with one common denominator – ML will be the key ingredient. The projects could be external as well as internal – and in all cases – delivery is central. You will have to analyze the problem at hand, come up with a solution strategy and execute on it. This typically entails gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenge, understanding the available data and then re-formulating it as a ML problem. It requires openness, creativity and an eagerness to learn new methodology and exploring new terrains. We frequently attack these problems as a team, meaning that you will have to be able to clearly explain your reasoning and code in order to engage the rest of us.

Our stack

  • Python / R – standard open source libraries
  • Scikit-learn and various specialized Python and R ML libraries
  • Deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch and Tensorflow/Keras
  • Cloud platforms such as GCP and AWS
  • Relational database management systems
  • Distributed processing such as Apache Spark


  • Analyzing and planning problem, solution and delivery
  • Preprocessing, feature engineering and dataset creation
  • Model development and parameter tuning
  • Validation of results
  • Data pipelining and infrastructure development

Skills and qualifications

  • Msc or PhD in a quantitative field
  • Work experience developing and deploying ML systems into live environments
  • Excellent understanding of a broad set of ML algorithms and frameworks
  • A passion for lean, clean and maintainable code
  • A high level of curiosity
  • The desire to grow and to share insights with others

Helpful knowledge

  • Deep learning frameworks and theory
  • Data pipelining and infrastructure
  • Some basic devops stuff, creating and maintaining instances.

What you can expect from us

  • A learning environment. We’re an organization that will put immense value in your personal growth. We will do what’s in our power for you to learn new things and become an exceptional ML engineer.
  • Trust. We will trust in your judgement and your capabilities. You will be given ownership and responsibility in planning and solving your tasks.
  • That we’ve got you covered. We will make sure that you have the support of the team and never be left hanging in a project. For us ML is a team effort and all projects are Modulai’s projects. We have different skill sets and shine bright in different areas, thus we help each other out and support each other throughout the delivery.
  • Balance. We strive to maintain a good work-life balance, enabling people with families to feel at home here, as well as making stress levels manageable.

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